Episode 14: A Conversation With Walter Simonson

BEHOLD: Miles and Elisabeth interview WALTER SIMONSON HIMSELF! The origins of Beta Ray Bill! Mythology mash-ups! Working for Marvel in the 80s! What might have come next! And his new series, Ragnarok!

10 thoughts on “Episode 14: A Conversation With Walter Simonson”

  1. I’m holding out for episode 15 where you interview Sal Buscema.

    Thanks again for such an amazing podcast. You really rekindled my love of Simonson’s Thor.

  2. What an unexpected and unlooked for pleasure. Thank you both, thank Kyle, who appears to have survived the-I’ve-retired-but-I’ll-do-one-last-job trope and,of course, thanks to Walt Simonson.

  3. A BONUS Lightning and the Storm? Thank you all again for putting on an amazing podcast – and what a hell of a way to go out with an encore! This is the Best!

    (Well. The ABSOLUTE BEST would have been if you asked Walt about my Zelazny theory re: Casket of Ancient Winters storyline. Now I’ll never know… 😛 )

  4. I’m sure Miles and Elisabeth aren’t checking ’round these parts anymore, but if you two are:

    I would LOVE to hear a Lightning & the Storm reunion to review Thor: Ragnarok. It would fill my day – nay, my MONTH – with joy to hear the two of you discussing the movie, your feelings about it, and its various Simonson elements. Just an idea, as if your lives aren’t busy enough!

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