• Name: Miles Stokes
  • Pronouns: He / Him
  • Divine powers: Increasingly-graying glorious Asgardian mane, boundless enthusiasm
  • Giant-smiting armament: Skycracker, mystical uru-metal nunchucks
  • Home Realm: Nidavellir, The Dark Fields: Realm of the Dwarves

Miles The Gregarious has two comic book loves: the X-Men and The Mighty Thor. He’s been podcasting about the first since 2014 as half of Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men; now, it’s time for the second! When in Midgard, Miles lives in Portland, Oregon and surrounds himself with camaraderie, ale, and all manner of geekery.


  • Name: Elisabeth Allie
  • Pronouns: She / Her
  • Divine powers: Culinary skills to rival the gods, nervous laughter.
  • Giant-smiting armament: Skofnung, renowned for supernatural sharpness and hardness (and good for chopping onions), lamellar armour
  • Home Realm: Muspelheim, Home of the Fire Demons

Elisabeth The Ebullient is a life-long lover of comics, with past servitude at Dark Horse Comics and Things From Another World. Now she endeavors to bring handmade geekery to the masses with GeekCraft Expo! After guest-hosting on Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, she’s excited to partner up with Miles to take on Thor. Elisabeth lives in Portland, Oregon and is usually cooking, reading comics, or watching Murder, She Wrote.