5 thoughts on “Episode 0: Fill-in Fury!”

  1. Thanks for this zero episode. It was fun to hear you both have fun with it and these issues. When you were talking about this Hercules being a good cartoon character, I wondered if either of you had seen Aquaman in the DC Brave and Bold cartoon? Because he is this Hercules to degree that’s hard to exaggerate. The only thing I didn’t care for is Hercules reference to the fun he had fighting the Queen of the Amazons. Maybe that’s different in Marvel myth?
    Thor #370 unleashes my nit-pickiness because of your Buscema Brothers confusion. This is the only issue John drew of Thor while the Simonson run was taking place. He drew lots of Thor before this. If you want to see him draw some awesome Asgard Silver Surfer #4 is terrific- it opens with a splash of Loki sitting and no-one conveys so much character in sitting poses as John Buscema. Sal Buscema is Simonson’s collaborator towards the end of his run. I also really liked P Craig Russell’s inks on John’s pencils. As well as being a fabulous artist himself, when Russell inks other artists it’s almost always a fun time. The only time I know of when it didn’t gel was when he inked Paul Gulacy, one of those times two great tastes don’t go together.
    For your segments: Sound effects could be ‘Words of Power!’ or ‘Road to Rune!’ Other bits you could do might include deciding on an episode by episode basis who is the most Worthy. I suppose anyone having a hammer which says they are Worthy isn’t really in contention as, you know, Odin rules.

    1. Oh, man – you’re totally right, we merged our Buscemas! What fools we mortals be. We’ll be sure to retroactively disambiguate once the podcast gets to the issues that Sal penciled!

      Brave and the Bold Aquaman as Marvel Hercules: agreed 1000%. That version of Aquaman is the best thing about an already incredibly fun show.

  2. Can I be the first to note that when you get to the end of this series of podcasts Hela will have won best hat the most times!

    By the way, this podcast rules already so I can probably forgive your Buscema boo-boo.

  3. Loved episode 000! Can’t wait for more.

    Are you going to be doing visual companions to episodes like Jay does for the X-plaining podcast? That’s something I really appreciate and would love to see for this!

    1. Alas, we won’t be doing visual companions for this show – partially because reprints of the comics are pretty easy to find (unlike a lot of the stuff xplainthexmen covers), and partially because I need at least a *slight* break while xplainthexmen is on hiatus. Apologies for their lack, but if you can, read along with the issues in trade paperback or on Marvel Unlimited – pretty much every panel is visual companion-worthy!

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